Telecom fraud

What is Phone fraud and how can you avoid being the next victim?

According to the Communications Fraud Control Association’s (CFCA) annual fraud survey, experts estimate that in 2017 Telephone fraud was around £19.5 billion (GBP).  While this may seem a lot, surprisingly this was seen as a reduction on the previous year’s figures of £28.2 billion (GBP).

Fraud can occur when unauthorised access to a vulnerable phone system is achieved, allowing criminals to resell access on to other people on an industrial scale.

This type of fraud is known as Dial Through Fraud (DTF), Toll Fraud (TF) or Direct Inward System Access Fraud (DISA).

Press Telecom has developed sophisticated protection layers to guard against such attacks, meaning customers are held financially harmless in the unlikely event of such fraud.

While the secrets of how the layers of protection work are kept closely guarded, it’s worth noting that Press Telecom sits between the customer and the public switched telephone network, always on watch 24x7x365 days a year.

For companies without protection, not only can businesses lose out financially due to unexpected telephone bills, but the problem may be notifiable under GDPR which could carry fines that could put most companies out of business.

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