We do not make promises we cannot keep.

No waiting in long queues.

Call us for FREE
t. 0800 6800 139.

Dedicated UK support.

No passing the buck.

We take ownership of your problems.

We will take good care of you.

We won’t speak geek.

We won’t let you down, we work until the job is done.

We will always go the extra mile.

We are transparent and do not have hidden costs.

We won’t sell you what you don’t need and we don’t do the ‘Hard Sell’

How do we differentiate ourselves from our rivals?

We begin by not making promises that we cannot keep as this would unravel decades of trust that we worked so hard to achieve.

We recognise that businesses that are reaching out to find a new provider hold valuable insights that no one else can form, which is why we never set any time restrictions for our meetings as we want to spend the time listening, understanding and learning by their experiences.

Here at Press Telecom, we have a policy of continuous development that enables us to fine-tune our processes, which leads directly to the exceptional customer experience every customer has come to expect, meaning we continue to raise the bar for our rivals.

Now and then a rare opportunity to be different presents itself and business can take one of two paths: be ordinary or be extraordinary.

When non-customer, Cains Law, a firm of solicitors specialising in motoring law contacted us asking for our help just moments before we closed for the Christmas period, we did not hesitate to come to their aid.

Cains Law explained that they had a broken telephone system and their maintainer had taken it away for repair, leaving them with no ability to operate their business effectively.

Since Cains Law operated as usual over the seasonal period, we decided to loan them a new phone system that matched their business practices needs, and attended their offices to install it along with training on how to use the system.

For Cains Law, it meant they could remain open for business.

We chose to do this for a non-customer at a moment’s notice, just minutes before we closed for the annual holiday, on loan, without any charge whatsoever and all within 60 minutes of them placing the call.

We care, and we choose to be extraordinary.

Care to be extraordinary; we love to hear from you.