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Why Kleeneze trusted Press Telecom to deliver their £1.2 Million relocation solution in just 90 days.

Kleeneze, a 94-year-old firm which specialises in supplying a diverse range of home, garden, health, beauty and gift products, awarded Press Telecom the contract to provide them with their core IT solution as part of their £1.2 million relocation project.

In this example, we demonstrate a wide range of professional services, from design to delivery, which means you can manage your project more efficiently by having a single point of contact.

Few companies can take ownership of a complex project with strict schedules and have all of the resources under one roof, which is why Kleeneze had the confidence to award the contract to Press Telecom.

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The brief was to provide a complete package of solutions to enable the entire workforce of 140 staff to relocate within a 90 day time allocation that included:

  • Project consultation and management.
  • Networking and Data Cabling.
  • Fibre Optic backbone.
  • Power Cabling.
  • Wireless infrastructure covering 100’000 sq feet for the handheld terminals.
  • An MPLS Wide Area Network.
  • Advanced Contact Centre solution.
  • Telephone system.
  • Complex migration of traditional telephony to VoIP.
  • CCTV.
  • Door Access control system.
  • Desktop and Server Preparation.
  • Ongoing professional assistance.

As part of the tendering process, Press Telecom needed to demonstrate to Kleeneze that it was capable of delivering everything required for a large scale project that had set relocation dates in the calendar that could not be altered.

This required strategic planning and running every aspect of the project in parallel so that everything would come together at the final stages and work as designed.

Project consultation and management.

Kleeneze had committed to a relocation plan that meant there was no possibility of any delays that could cause project overrun. With just a 90 day countdown, we prioritised all of the tasks needed to complete into separate tracks that could run alongside each other which included the commitment from partners Openreach for fibre leased lines that had almost a 90 day lead time in itself.

Press Telecom Kleeneze Project Management

Networking and Data Cabling

The existing data cabling at each proposed location was decided by Kleenezes IT department to be unsuitable for their needs, and so a completely fresh installation was required.

The main offices required Power and Data floor boxes to be installed under the desk so that there were no trip hazards and that staff could easily connect all devices on the move in date.

Flexible by design

With the exact desk locations being subject to change, we needed to develop a solution that would enable Kleeneze to relocate the desks so that the legs of the desks did not obstruct the floor boxes.

Everything from the design, preparation to the competition for the finished product including joinery and carpeting as a single one-stop solution for Kleeneze.

We have created a short video showing the entire process.

Server Room Cabling Rack

The picture on the right shows data cables arranged in batches, dressed in cable socks for a tidy appearance, and fastened neatly to a galvanised cable tray before being terminated in the 42U floor standing cabinet.

Kleeneze Data Cabling CAT5e Accrington by Press Telecom.

Cables arranged into batches and inserted into cable socks.
Structured data cabling rack at Kleeneze

Network Certification Testing

On completion of the installation, we performed certified testing using Fluke Cable Analysers that are designed to test each part of the network to ensure they conform to the relevant standards.

Fluke DSX-5000

Not every installer uses advanced certification testers, and therefore they are unable to provide test certificates showing the precise characteristics of the installation, meaning there could be networking issues that are difficult to understand, especially in high bandwidth applications.

Network Certified Cable Test Results

We put every cable, connection and socket through its paces using specialised equipment to ensure the installation performs to specification, meaning you can have peace of mind in your investment.

Warehouse Fibre Optic backbone

Kleeneze logistics warehouse based in Heywood, Lancashire covered over 100000 square feet which exceed the capability of copper-based networks.

Press Telecoms in-house engineers installed OM3 – Multi-mode Fibre Optic cables that were capable of carrying data at speeds up to 100 Gbit.

Using the latest equipment in Fibre Optic technology, we provided almost zero insertion loss by using core alignment. In the short video, one of our engineers aligns two fibre cores that are 50-microns wide, which are thinner than a human hair, before welding the two parts together.

fibre optic installation north west press-telecom
fibre optic cleaving north west press-telecom
fibre optic fusion splicing northwest press telecom

Kleeneze Warehouse Wireless Infrastructure

The brief was to design and install a wireless system that would provide a zero handoff between transponders as picking operatives moved freely through the warehouse.

The challenge was two-fold.

The precise location of the client’s product types was unknown at the design stage, which may have had an impact on the absorption rates of Radio Frequency (RF) energy.

The second challenge was to cable all of the 100’000 sq foot warehouses before the arrival of the racking since trying to navigate around the racking on 10m high scissor lifts would have delayed the installation.

The picture above provides a perspective of the height that we were working at during the installation of the warehouse wireless system.

Can you see Chris in the white protective suit?

The pictures to the right are of the two parts of the warehouse showing the racking and the blue circles are the proposed wireless access points.

Warehouse Heywood OL10 2TT

The picture above is the warehouse in Heywood OL10 2TT.

Wireless Warehouse Heywood OL10 2T
Wireless Warehouse Heywood OL10 2T

Kleeneze warehouse prior to Press Telecom installing the infrastructure. This video gives you a sense of scale.

A typical wireless Access point connected to the structured cabling. Cables run back to local data cabinets that are in turn connected by Fibre Optics to the main distribution.

Data Cabling Installation by Press Telecom in the northwest, Lancashire for Kleeneze OL10 2TT

The cabinet above connects to the warehouse access points. Powered by 375W Power over Ethernet, the access points communicate back to the main offices in Accrington within a few milliseconds.

Industrial grade power and data with quick to disconnect option.

The above shows the industrial nature of some of our work. We installed all of the cabling trays, 240v outlets, data pods ensuring everything was tested and certified for performance and safety.

Flexible quick electrical and data hookups Kleeneze Heywood OL10 2TT

Flexible quick electrical and data hookups ensured the workbenches had the ability to relocate if required to other parts of the warehouse.

Data Cabling Installation by Press Telecom in the northwest, Lancashire for Kleeneze OL10 2TT

Three compartment dado trunking was installed to satisfy the future demands that may be required, such as installing additional power outlets.

All of the component parts were of high quality, branded items such as MK and Connectix to ensure long life from the installation.

Network Design

Building a secure, reliable, low latency wide area network.

Press Telecom MPLSKleeneze required a secure Private Data Network solution with the lowest latency for its inter-site transactions while providing resilience using multi-core connections.

Low latency was vital due to the number of transactions from the handheld terminals being time sensitive.

High performance was achieved by using Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) that works by establishing pre-determined, highly efficient routes for data packets entering the network, known as forwarding equivalence class (FEC).

The routers in the network have tables that understand on how to manage the packets with specific FEC types, so once the packet has entered the network, the routers no longer need to spend CPU time performing analysis, and instead rely on the label to route traffic more efficiently.

Advanced Contact Centre solution

Galileo said “Count what is countable, measure what is measurable. What is not measurable, make measurable”, so if you don’t have full visibility of your call centre, how can you manage it?

To ensure Kleeneze had all of the right tools, we provided an advanced contact centre solution that enabled the centre managers to have full visibility on the performance of their service desk agents.

QueueMetrics Queue Metrics call centre contact centre Asterisk

Moving Telephone Lines

kleeneze relocating phone lines voip sip press telecomMoving telephone lines to a new location may sound straightforward until you begin to consider all of the variables that may influence the migration, with the most likely variable being the client’s timetable.

The problem that is so often the case for clients is that the communication provider dictates the relocation date, and sometimes with unplanned consequences leading to a complete loss of communications altogether.

Press Telecom differs from other communication providers by independently operating its IP Telecommunications network, meaning with Press Telecom, the client can dictate when they wish to move and not the communication provider.

In addition to the network infrastructure, Press Telecom provided all of the new SIP connectivity along with additional blocks of telephone numbers in advance meaning employees of Kleeneze were able to operate from both locations to begin all pre-flight checks.

Security Door Access control system and CCTV

Kleeneze had a need for an access control system to manage the time attendance of all its employees across all locations, as well as providing restrictions to key areas such as the server room.

Best CCTV installation Lancashire

Press Telecom are registered installers of Paxton Access Control Systems and Hikvision CCTV solutions.

We chose Paxton and Hikvision as they integrate well together meaning CCTV footage can be replayed simply by filtering on any event, such as an unauthorised access attempt to view the footage in one simple click.

We installed 4MP IP cameras across the site that streamed the footage to a Networked Video Recorder. The ISO PROX card readers were chosen to be backwards compatible with the serviced offices HID system.

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