Installing Power and Data Floor Boxes

Data and Power floor box installation at the offices of Kleeneze The Globe Centre in Accrington Lancashire.

Its a four compartment unit with six power outlets and four data ports.

Data and Power floor box installation Kleeneze Accrington Lancashire


In the majority of offices, there is a need to bring power, voice, data, and video cables to the workstation so that the users can connect their equipment.

If there is a raised floor, then a floor box is a convenient way to make these connections. Not only are they convenient, especially in open-office environments, but their modular design adds flexibility during future adds, moves and changes.

They are also suitable for use in conference rooms where a customer may require outlets in the centre of the room.

Installation brief

We needed to repair the existing floor-boxes as the previous installer had failed to maintain the structural integrity of the raised floor. The existing floor boxes were loosely fitted and in some situations, they would collapse when stood on, into the void causing injury.

The office had matching floor tiles throughout which were old but in excellent condition; there were no spare carpet tiles for patching up the damaged areas, meaning we had to recycle existing carpet tiles from another room and then re-tile that area with a close matching product.

Since the customer hadn’t moved into the offices, we were unsure of the precise locations of the office furniture; therefore we added some flexibility so that we could reposition the floor boxes if required.

Firstly, we needed to reinstate the structural integrity of the existing floor.

On this particular project, we needed to repair the damage caused by the previous installer before we could begin installing our floor boxes.

In the picture to the right, you can see the irregular shape cutout caused by the installer choosing the wrong tool for the job. The circular shape in the top right-hand side of the photo is evidence of a pilot hole being used for a jigsaw cutter.

The problem with using a jigsaw cutter is maintaining a straight cut as can be seen.

Quick Video

We have created a quick video showing you the various steps we performed in restoring the structural integrity of the raised floor.

You may be wondering why a tech company employs a team of professional tradespeople from the construction industry.

The answer is simple; we believe that if you are going to do a job, then do it right, after all, you can see from the evidence what happens when inexperienced people venture out of their comfort zone.

Step 1 – We have prepared the area and are going to create an insertion into the floor ready for the floor box.

The plunging action of the track saw ensures there is a clean incision into the floor while the track ensures the cut remains straight. The internal corners are then cut before the fitment test is made to ensure the floor-box is a snug fit.

Step 2 – First fix, power and data

For safety, the floor-box has dual earth bonding that has been crimped and soldered to ensure a sound electrical connection.

Step 3 – Second fix

We have orientated the main sockets so that the power cords do not clash with one another.

If you like what you see and have a project of your own, then feel free to get in touch – we would love to hear from you.