Going the extra mile

Recently we installed a Telephone system for a client who subsequently asked if we could take a look at a mess behind one of their desks.

As you can see in the picture on the left-hand side, the equipment comprised of an HP server, backup hard disk, UPS with a failed battery pack (removed), firewall router and a data switch.

The whole thing needed to be switched off, unplugged and sorted out at a time convenient to the customer.

When we inspected the mess we discovered the UPS was not working. They had received quotes of several hundred pounds to replace this. We fixed it for the cost of a couple of batteries.

Not wanting to pay hundreds we used our knowledge in electronics to diagnose and repair the unit. All that was required was a couple of replacement batteries and we repaired it for them saving them over £200.

Next, we scheduled a weekend appointment to decommissioning of the equipment and relocate it to a more suitable location.

The same location with the equipment removed.

Equipment relocated and labelled

During the decommissioning stage, it was evident there was no labelling on any of the products which we consider to be very bad practice.

When items are left unidentified, innocent mistakes such as switching off the wrong equipment can occur which makes no sense.

So we decided to label everything, and in particular, we printed a label for the UPS showing the date we exchanged the batteries.

Labelling is a timely process, however, the time you invest pays dividends for all concerned.

This is why we use the DYMO Rhino 6000 Professional Labeling machine on all of our jobs.

We use the machine to produce labels for wire & cable flags, patch panels, modules, terminal blocks, using a range of different labelling materials designed to prevent the label from fading or becoming detached.

We also use the inbuilt industry terms and symbols to standardise our work.

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